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The Illustrated Man – Kaleidoscope

1. What did the astronauts fail to do which would have saved them from falling haphazardly
through space?
2. Why did Hollis have to stop the screaming of one of his men at all costs?
3. What did he do to stop the screaming?
4. Did he feel guilty? Give a textual example.
5. Describe the relationship between Appelegate and Hollis. Give textual examples.
6. Why wasn’t Hollis angry at what Applegate did?
7. Describe the relationship between Hollis and Lespere. Give textual examples.
8. In what way does Lespere feel he is better off than Hollis?
9. How does Lespere’s death carry more meaning with it?
10. How has Hollis changed? Why? Give textual examples.
11. What was happening to Hollis’s body as he fell through space?
12. How did Applegate change?
13. How did the chapter get its name?
14. What was Hollis’s last wish? Give textual support.

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