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S1 2017-18 Secret Study Guide


What?  What are you doing here?  Who told you about this?

Well, congratulations.  You found Mr. Phan’s Super Secret Study Guide.  I have no idea how you did it, but well done.  This study guide contains a chart for you to fill out to make your essay super awesome, and it also has a small reminder of what happens in each chapter in 4 or 5 words!  Go ahead and copy it to your Drive if you like.

TIP: You should also make sure you click Tools > Document Outline so you can see the parts.

Add Mr. Phan on Instagram @theenglishphan and twitter @theenglishphan to get more updates between now and Finals!



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This entry was posted on December 10, 2017 by in Extra Credit Fodder.


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